TRUCKSMART RACING..A survival story

So I have sons…three of them. That’s three rounds of traffic tickets, late night “where are you” calls, bent fenders, tow trucks and eagerly renewing my AAA card every year (wondering why I’m not cancelled). However, my first born son Matthew delivered all three rounds…all by himself!

You see, Matthew has only one style of driving….fast. Not kind of fast. I mean buckle up, hold on tight, yell a little and leap out the minute you arrive fast. Together we realized that we needed an outlet for this condition in a hurry, before I watched the evening news and saw him being chased in his Subaru WRX down the freeway like O.J.Simpson.

Enter Rally racing. Rally racing is basically modified production cars driving at breakneck speed over stretches of road closed to other traffic (Thank God). These may vary from asphalt mountain passes to rough forest tracks, from ice and snow to desert sand, short closed courses on dirt and gravel (Rallycross), each chosen to provide a challenge  and a test of the car’s performance and reliability.

Matthew, now 24, had developed decent skills playing around on local logging roads and construction sites, and he had a very capable car..2004 Subaru WRX. This car, simply put, is an all wheel drive turbocharged rocket ship engineered for exactly this kind of racing. So in the interest of safety for the local community and saving his life, in April 2017 Matthew attended the Dirtfish Racing School near Seattle, Washington. Dirtfish is the premier rally racing school in North America, attended by novices learning rally racing skills to professionals brushing up on their everything in between.  Needless to say, Matthew thrived with this training. At the end of this intensive three day course, driven  in fully prepared 2017 Subaru STI’s, through hairpin corners, mud and rain, high speeds and hard braking, Matthew  emerged a future rally racer. His amazing 2017 Rallycross results will be discussed

In blogs to come….

John Brassfield

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